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Purpose of this commandlet remains mysterious. To use, first make three new subfolders in your UT2003 directory - /CutDownSounds, /CutDownStaticMeshes and /CutDownTextures.

Run "ucc CutDownContent" and it processes all files, dumping (approx.) of 112mb worth of files into these directories.



The filenames it produces match existing ones (Epic's packages, or custom created). Therefore we can assume it uses data from the existing files with the matching name.
File size
These 'new' files are much, much smaller than the originals.
Not a replacement
...therefore they are not a replacement for the originals. I've tried running UT2003 - it crashes with 'missing texture' - (this is for the Nvidia level).

DJPaul: I surmise therefore that unreferenced material (perhaps ignoring "dynamicloadobject" called-material) is analyised, extracted, then dumped to these new files. I haven't tested this myself, by creating purposely redudnant content.

Mychaeel: I assume in addition to what DJPaul supposes, it reduces texture resolution and other stuff. That might have been what Epic used to prepare the game for the demo release.

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