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Daemonica/Current Problems

Current Problems

Locally Viewed Actors

How to work out if an Actor (UT) is being viewed on the local players view. In other words making an object hidden to some people, but visible to others.

Why am I working on this problem

Because of [The Undying Curse] where players have access to a spell called Scrye, which allows them to see hidden objects. I only want people who are actually 'Scrying' to be able to see the objects without effecting anyone else's perception of the world around them. My head hurts after this ;)

Foxpaw: I think I may have a solution to this problem, if you are still seeking one.. One way of course would be to have it client-side - you could put it in the objects Tick function to be executed client side - if they are scrying, bHidden is set to false, otherwise it is set to true. Of course, since it's client side it could probrably be hacked.. but if the actor is considered relevant to the network and is being replicated it could likely be hacked in the same way. If you want it to be client-side and only replicate to people who can see it... well, that could be a doozie. But the client-side implementation probrably wouldn't be too difficult. I don't recall the code to determine whether a given pawn/controller is being controlled by a local player or over a network, but I've seen it around.

Daemonica: yeah, that's what I've been thinking, it works almost all the way upto Listen Servers, they end up doing weird things due to replication.

Daemonica: Well, I've moved over to UT2003 now :) Finally, this lil problem has been put on the backburner for now, hopefully I can figure this out so it works on Listen Servers too!

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