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Well looks like I'm here now. I've used Wiki for ages... I like it ;)


Unreal Tournament Clan
[The Undying Curse]
Multiplayer Project, based on Clive Barkers Undying


I'm only working on two projects at the moment.

[Shadow Hunter]
A simple UT Mod which turns out to be like Mutant from UT2003, but with some changes.
[The Undying Curse]
A Total Conversion for UT2003 to create a haunting gameplay element in line with [Clive Barker's Undying]

Problems I'm working on

I've moved these off to their own pages, it was getting a little crowded here!

/Current Problems

/Previous Problems

Tarquin: Hi & welcome to the the site :D

Daemonica: Thanks Tarquin, i've been using the Wiki for ages... now I'm repeating myself ;)

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