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A RTS mod for UT2003.

  • Every Player leads his own team like in all those famous RTS games
  • Resource gathering depends on minerals
    • PROPOSAL: Either harvester based, or area based (like in the game Z)
  • PROPOSAL: Players able to control (get inside) units?


Foxpaw: I think you are going to need to be more specific.. depending on your aims. If you are doing it all by yourself then I suppose you can give as few details as you like, but if you would like to recruit others (depending on what modding skills you have) I think it would help to have more information. How To Recruit A Programmer is about coders primarily, but has a lot of general stuff about design documents. Making an RTS is a large undertaking, though an RTS made using the Unreal Engine would be really cool. Unfortunately, due to the range of skills required it generally requires a team to do it. On the other hand, it's possible that you may have all of the skills required and just put this page up to post progress, etc.. if that's the case then I suppose what I said above doesn't really apply.

Dante: I don't require members at the moment. I'm 2+ years unrealscript coder and code should be enough for starters. This is not really belonging to Mod Ideas. This page is meant to be a evolving design document. At some point, when it's detailed enough, I will start coding.

Mychaeel: I suggest you move this page to [Developer Journals/Dante]? then.

Dante: I'm not the only one editing the design. And I think [Developer Journals]? is a more private place.

Dante: Well... Units were usable, view was ok but we dropped the project. We first wanted to make a small squad based mod where you would buy weapons/armor and skill-points for your squad. While the idea was nice, I didn't expect it to be much fun in a realtime enviroment. Maybe round-based gameplay would work - but as I said, it's dropped.

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