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Dark Pulse

Howdy. This is my own little corner of this place...

My Real name is Thomas Warnica II. I've been making UT Maps (Most of which suck :)) for about 1 1/2 years now. I'm also amazingly good at UT. (UT2003 I'm a bit more iffy at, due to a sucky Video Card. Skip, skip, skip...)

I've got a site of my own, [Darkseid], and It's where I hold all my maps. It's finally back up (Whoo!) and is undergoing redesign.

I've currently made 4 Maps: DM-Darkseid Castle (GOD this sucked. So bad I took it down and plan not to rerelease it until it has a heavy redesign), CTF-SGarden, CTF4-Oblivia, and [CTF-Pressure{DSRemix}]. There's also a few in the works: DM-CityIntro{MAX} (Only thing holding this back is one piece of glass isn't shattering...), DOM-Badlands, and, for UT2003, DM-Malebolge. My Maps are probably not all that great compared to a lot of other people's, but they're not the worst, and the only way you can learn is to practice - just like UT.

I play with a couple of my buds, rarely do I just hop online to a server. I tend to find more often then not if you just leap blindly onto servers, you'll find the campers and whiners, and just plain assholes. So I play pretty much with people I know: BASTARD, sherl0k, SSJ6Wolf, wangfu, The_Cynical_Rust, XenoSlayer, you guys are all great. Not as good as I, but who knows, someday I'll lose regularly, right? ;)

Anyway, that's about it. If anyone is willing to teach me anything about LevelBuilding, I'll be glad to learn. You can email me [here], or contact me via any Major Instant Messanger service. [YIM], [ICQ], AIM (Dark Pulse1) and MSN. (pulsemanfan001@hotmail.com) Please don't email the MSN addy... I get enough crap from there, and wouldn't want to toss a perfectly good email out just because I have my Junk Mail filter as Stringent as it can get...

I'm new here, hopefully I'll help a few souls on the way, much as this site has helped me.

Thanks. Buh-Bye now.

7/26/2003: I've now fallen into another kind of Obsession: Quake III Arena. I'm already trying to learn how to map for it, though having been spoiled by UnrealEd (Goblin and all!) I find the Quake Editor I chose, GTKRadiant, a bit tough to use, but I shall manage. Any Help here from someone who knows GTKRadiant would be highly appreciated.

Tarquin: Hi there. Welcome to the wiki :D

Dark Pulse: Heh, thanks. Been here for awhile, almost a month or so, and I helped out in a batch of places where I had the right answers. So thanks for the (Belated, but still good!) Welcome. ^_^

Tarquin: I've been falling behind in my welcoming of newcomers. Sorry :(

Dark Pulse: That's OK, Tar, you keep this place going. It's Forgiveable. ^_^

Dante: uh, welcome ;D /rant Yeah compared to Quake 3 gameplay I really don't like UT2003 (I prefer playing UT). rant/

Dark Pulse: Personally, I have nothing wrong with UT2003's gameplay. The game was a bit rushed, but 2004 will hopefully make it up, even though it means we've got to shell out yet another $40 from our pockets...

Still, hopefully Assault, the new Stuff, and the Return of Xan Kreigor (Whoohoo!) will pull in The Old school and new School alike.

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