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See also Creating A Defense Point In UT2003.

A DefensePoint tells a bot that this spot is a good place to defend the base. Defense points can also be used with DistanceViewTriggers to set up sniping posts; don't forget to set bSniping to true.

Read Strategic Bots for more info on placing DefensePoints.


Inherited from AmbushPoint

bool bSniping
Defaults to false. Set this to true if you want bots to use this DefensePoint as a spot for sniping.
float SightRadius
In world units, the radius the bot standing on the DefensePoint will look for enemies, either for sniping or normal defending. Defaults to 5,000 world units.

DefensePoint Group

name FortTag
Used in Assault maps (and possibly other gametypes) to associate the DefensePoint with a certain object/goal that is being defended.
byte Priority
This is the weight the DefensePoint is given when a bot is selecting a spot upon which to defend. Give more critical points higher values and give auxiliary spots like sniping points lesser values.

Birelli: I'm not sure but I believe that if any DefensePoint on a given team/fort has a priority greater than 0, then any DefensePoint with a value of 0 is ignored

byte Team
This is the number of the team that will use the DefensePoint. See PlayerStart for what number represents each color team.

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Legal: Where does the bot stand? The center, anywhere within collision radius etc...?

Tarquin: Centre, I think.

Legal: :pissed:

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