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A little about me

I'm pretty young (only 14 :)) but I guess I'm into modding and stuff.

Current Projects

I'm currently working on a weapons mod for Unreal Tournament. I might convert it to UT2003 once I have the time (as well as once I know how to make UT2003 weapons :))


DM-Overview (see http://forums.unrealplayground.com/showthread.php?t=14147 ; i have been working on it since February 2003—i know, it's way too long :B)

Overly Extensive Language Knowledge

Programming Languages

  • Visual Basic (i've been forgetting some recently)
  • Delphi
  • C/C++
  • C# (learning)
  • Java
  • UnrealScript (duh)
  • JavaScript (to some extent)
  • VBScript (again to some extent, see above for VB)
  • PHP
  • ASP
  • ASP.NET (still learning)
  • ColdFusion

Spoken Languages :B

  • English
  • Japanese
  • French (learning, about 5 years)
  • Spanish (1 year)
  • Quenya (not a real language; see http://www.ardalambion.com/ for more details)
I want to learn the following:
  • German (because it's cool)
  • Mandarin (because it's cool as well)
  • Dutch (that one as well)
  • Many others that I can't think of :)

Other random stuff

  • [Pi!]
  • [hi] <- something really dumb that I made in paint—SwarthyForeskin from [#beyondunreal] is my competition (I think) :B


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