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Dezro's Personal Page

Contact Info

If you need to, email dezro@mac.com. I don't check it often, but I will check it.

I hang out at the [Infogrames UT2003 Forums], or at least the Programming and Announcement forums.

And if you want to jot down a quick note for me, there's a section at the bottom of the page.



A simple mutator that lets you drop cars from the sky. I'm amazed at how many people downloaded this. It all started when I wanted to learn UnrealScript, and my brother wanted to drive the Bulldog on BR-Bifrost. The first version didn't work on a network, and the 1.5 has a horrible bug involving car health, but it's more popular than [Kakutou Raging Carnival 120%], and that's a shame.

The current version is 2.0, but I haven't really released it. I'll get to that soon, though.


A collection of mutators that screw around with DrawScale or DrawScale3D in some way. Includes the Mario mutator idea from the Mod Ideas section of the wiki, a mutator that flattens things, a mutator that lets you scale the players to whatever size you want, and one that scales the players randomly. And probably more.

Toy Projects

Note: Chances are that very few, if any, of these will be released. They're just little programming exercises.

  • An xPlayer subclass that makes the player move like in a 3D platformer in FreeCamera mode.
  • A variant of the link gun that lets you possess someone if you kill them with it. This really turned out good. I might just release this when I get it finished. Although in a much different form (I'll probably use the lightning gun and have it only work with headshots). Too bad I couldn't get the bots to do what I wanted without custom TeamAIs...
  • The Razorjack from Unreal. It just needs some better meshes, and some working ones for the first-person view and the xWeaponAttachment. It works great otherwise.
  • A vacuum cleaner, sorta. Kinda like the U4ET Airblast, only not as good.
  • A tractor beam. Also not too good, but it is kinda fun grabbing the red flag carrier and dropping him off the level.
  • A mutator that was going to allow more than two firing modes for each weapon. Alas, it was not to be, but portions were gutted for the next version of CarLauncher.
  • Somehow I've got the idea of making a mod based on Rogue. I know that it's a stupid idea, but I'm going to try it anyway. Update: Well, this didn't work out at all. I'd need to have some native code in there, which ain't going to happen.
  • New: Ever wanted to have the game spit 99 Bottles of Beer to your console while you play? No? Oh. Well, here it is anyway. /99 Bottles

Messages and Comments

Mychaeel: Welcome to the Wiki, Dezro.

Tarquin: Hello & welcome :)

Dezro: Ah, thank you.

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