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ZxAnPhOrIaN: Hi and welcome to the wiki!@ :) :tup: ( Please add yourself to the Project Contributors Page!!)

Tarquin: Hi Dr Nick! Welcome to the wiki. :)

Wormbo: Welcome to the Wiki and have a nice stay.

Dr.Nick: Hi everybody! :) Thanks for the warm welcome.

captk Hi Dr. Nick!

If anyone feels like contacting me they can do so by dropping me a mail at hawkeye 'at' everyzero.com .

Also you can contact me through ICQ, AIM, or MSN:

  • AIM: NickJBWC
  • ICQ: 28399768
  • MSN: nab_hawkeye3@hotmail.comDo not send mail to this address, I never check it. Its sole purpose is so I can logon MSN

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