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About Me

Lets see... I live in Ottawa, Canada - I'm running an Athlon K7 1200 mhz with a GeForce 4 ti, asus a7a-266, 256 megs pc2100 ram, logitech z-560 surround system, creative SB audigy.

My interests include game programming, mapping for UT(2003), web development, computer gaming, RPGs (real ones - not the computer ones, though those are good too), downhill skiing, and nothing beats a good book.

Favourite programming/scripting languages: UnrealScript, PHP, C/C++, VB

While you're here, feel free to check out my website at http://www.deadjunkie.com/~draconx/

Stuff people said once

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Hi and welcome to the wiki! :) :tup: beat wormbo!

Wormbo: Welcome to the Wiki! Have a nice stay and add yourself to the Project Contributors list, please. :)

EntropicLqd: Welcome to the Wiki.

ProjectX: Dunno how old this is or whether you're still using the wiki for an Unreal Resource, but hey, welcom :) and, ZxAnPhOrIaN, congratulations on beating Wormbo, that's an impressive feat of speed of hand and speed of network connection

Wormbo: o_O

ZxAnPhOrIaN: :) ;) :P :D :tup:

Draconx: LOL :cheesy:

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