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This is my wiki page. I will be here everyday until my MOD launches in JANUARY/FEBRUARY. Just in time to make the contest final window (hopefully – although this is not my drive for making the game. I want to make a mod/tc to show skills in teh unreal engine and to make a fun game.).

Well correction it will be *hopefully* for the end of the contest but may not make it. My mod is comong along well however I ended up writing alot more than I wanted on the flying vehicles and battle vehicles. Its a shame as well that I will probably be throwing that away in a few months and using UT2004 code for these tasts.

Currently the game MWorlds (working title) is being build in both UT2003 as a mod and as a full game in the Torque engine. The UT2003 version is a small piece of the overall story that will be focused on particular battles in the saga. The battles will take place on Mars under stormy conditions in mine areas with many caverns and dusty places to hide. The point of the levels (3 so far) is to gather a resource to have enough to obliterate the other team with a super weapon. The team that collects it the fastest as well as kills the most players wins the level. Players have to venture into the one mine area of the level and control it enough to send the resource back to their base. You can kill other players and jack their payload as well as hit their depo (manned by turrets as well – the vigilante route).

Wormbo: Welcome to the Wiki! :)

Phantasmagorium: Hi, and welcome to the Wiki! Im Phantasm, the least skilled programmer / mapper here, hehe. Im just really good at commenting and playing maps till Ive done everything possible, including mods I have, etc. Enjoy the Wiki :)

dRawkbox: Thanks! Hey all. I am switching my game into the Unreal Engine after the need for *large* terrain. I dig the open source of Quake3 but UT2003 engine is as good if not better. This site is killer for info on teh engine and I already have alot ported over including three levels, 2 weapons, vehicles and almost a flying vehicle (its seriously flawed still I lie). I was worried about the research to get these items done but there is a wealth here of info. I messed around with Unreal and UT2003 early on but the Quake3 engine got my attention first but I believe this engine is right for the mod. If anyone has alot of help on flying vehicles I could use some input but I still have a few months to have that solid. Enjoying the Wiki!

Foxpaw: It's relatively simple to create a flying vehicle, though it would be a long process for me to explain how I did it. :P For an alternative, you could look at KShip. It's not as sophisticated, but probrably more what you were thinking anyway.

dRawkbox: Hey Foxpaw I am seeing your name alot and have looked at nearly all your work, good stuff. I am newer to UnrealScript but have been coding C++ for years. I am having a compile issue on the KShip snippet on the calculation under the UpdateForce method. I added the inheritance to extend KVehicle but can't get past this as of yet. I am doing this a bit differently andwill post here when cleaned up (or in a flying document thread). Is there anything I can do to get past the compile issue I tried many different scenarios and wasn't sure if it was a UScript limitation or an error in the code. I wish I could code in C++ although this is fun in UScript. I am able to deal with replication fine for the weapons i have so far and small bits of ported code from quake3 mod (functionality) but just finding the boundaries of UnrealScript is slowy getting there after 3 weeks dealing with it. I am not looking for exact aeronautical movement but realistic movement that works, in future releases I may put some actual algorithms to work but for my game I am looking at launching it and work on it as its launched. If you ahve any input on this that would be great. btw I liked the discussion on the universe on your page, I like your 3dimensional/2d paper stick figure example. I too believe that it is beyond comprehension but being good humans that we are this will never stop us from pondering.

Foxpaw: I haven't actually tried the code on that KShip page, I instead wrote my own vehicle classes from actor up. That code looks like it should work pretty good though. I couldn't really say what the problem you might be having is without seeing it.

dRawkbox: Well I will update it with mine when I get the buggies out. I think there needs to be a section dedicated to *flying vehicles* I will create hopefully next week when I am zooming around. I am doing similar approach with KAppplyForce but was basing it off of KVehicle inheritance. I will look at creating my own tree from Actor as well if I cannot get results soon. If a vetran is basing it off Actor that tells me something about KVehicle that i may have suspected. I prefer to write my own code but it is good to share examples of larege milestones. Hoefully more Unreal coders will be able to use this flying code (I could use it now). Its not vital to my MOD as the story, models, and maps are ready but would love to have flying vehicles like the Reaver/Mosquito in planetside. The descent mod idea also looks enticing if anyone wants to pursue this. I may after my MOD is good.

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