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This is the page of the inevitable dUc0N (Ignore the man behind the curtain.)

Atari and Epic have a strange relationship with me. They're my favorite companies for supporting Linux, but my least favorite for not supporting Linux with dev tools.

Contact info:

Email - raptor105@cox.net or dUc0N@starsclan.com

Instant messengers: AIM rapt0r105 / MSN raptor105@cox.net / Y!M raptor105y / ICQ 158353120 / JABBER raptor105@eifelansinn.net

Conventions: When uploading images, I'll try to put my name, the tutorial name, or both in front of the image name. Any image with GL in front is what I call a "global" image, or one that I expect to be commonly used (things like toolbar buttons, etc).

Link to the mother of all mine mutators that I'm going to try and make: dUc0N/MineMode

If you have anything to say to/about me, feel free to say it here:

Mosquito: hello, and why am I so great?

Wormbo: Welcome to the wiki. :)

MythOpus: :cheesy: Welcome to the UNREAL Wiki ;)

Tarquin: Hi & welcome :)

GRAF1K: Welcome to the wiki, DUcON. :tup: Note that everyone is always free to use whatever anyone else puts up here; it is a wiki after all. :-)

(I look forward to those basic Ued tutes. When I try to write them, I assume the reader has used Ued for years as I have.) :P

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