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Nvidia's [DXT tools]?, from Epic's server: http://udn.epicgames.com/pub/Content/TextureSpecifications/DXT_TOOLS.zip

Dma: Any help out there regarding the creation of DXT1/3/5 or S3TC textures? I haven't been able to get "ucc mergedxt" to work properly. I know UnrealEd 2.6 supports this, but this program doesn't exist... The process involves converting a texture to .DDS format (which I *have* done. I have the program somewhere.) and importing it into a .UTX file. They need to release these tools to the public. Oh wait... They already have their hands full with Unreal Championship, Unreal Warfare, Unreal 2, and UT2003.

Bean: As far as I know, the newest engine uses DXTC only. I'm sure the ability to compress textures will be built right into UnrealED 2.6 (3?). You can download [DXTC Texture Compression plugin for Photoshop] @ nVidia's developers website. Also, i think creating S3TC textures for UT is broken.

Chip:UEd 3.0 has DXTC compression Tools in the Texture Browser menu – the only tool(s) in fact. RGBA8 to DXTC1, 3, or 5. Saves a lot of map size.

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