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This is a quick way to add position based ambience(amb. that can move) to your map. Generally you have a radius in UU, a fall off radius, overal volume, and of course occlusion type. Don't worry, you can select a predefined occlusion type. i.e. BSP-"walls block your ambient sound."

It is unclear whether this object's name points to it's ability to manipulate the sound in real-time or because it can be used in conjuntion with a [Mover Brush]. ?Update Anyone?

Who cares about UT2003/U2

Usually used for music eminating from a stereo, a ticking clock, etc. Use zoneinfo entry events for your ambient wind FX or whatever. You might want to check out some info on [portals].
UT2003 :: Actor >> Info >> ZoneInfo >> (Ravenshield: Package: Engine)

Stereophonic Phun : Fake 5.1 with the Unreal Engine

Map Design

An AmbientActor playing the appropriate mono wav
  • Basic Stereo
    • Split your ambience into one WAV file for left and right
    • Place forward(L/R) speakers in your room
  • Surround Sound
    • mirror speakers along the center of your room
    • Place Center Speaker
    • Sub should be buried in a corner of the room somewhere infront of listener

Making Wav(e)s

This might be the hard part if you consider yourself a general sound editing novice. I suggest you download a copy of Cool Edit 2000's demo and read the documentation. SoundForge 5 is fundamentally the same stuff in a less graphically appealing interface....

You will need HIQUALITY sound as well as Sound Virtualization(SEE: RvS) to achieve the effect with basic stereo.

EAX is suggested as well.

Make a copy of the left/right channels of your wav file and save them as two mono files called blah_L.wav/blah_R.wav
Rear Stereo
Same Thing. this is where you can have fun panning sounds around the listener. (See: Amplitude Envelopes)
A mono version of the original stereo file.
Use a lowpass filter or EQ to leave everything below about 195HZ. (mono)

GOOD LUCK! This is a convoluted but humorous way to achieve the same effect software that usually costs upwards of $600.00 gives you.

 :cool: ';=-t

[think.realisticpolitics.com] - Music

[All new RvS maps]

It might be possible to make one ambient actor for each ambient noise, then modifying the play in zone list, prolly a lot cleaner. (This is for ambient sounds)

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