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The editinline UnrealScript keywords are used by the editor to make editing much more convenient for the mapper. If a property with editinline is selected in the Actor Properties Window it can be expanded to edit that actors properties within the same actor property window. Without editinline only the reference to the actor will be visible. A good example of this is in the Emitter class, or in the KParams of any actor. (Note that both of those examples are actually editinlinenew examples. Editinline without the new will allow you to edit the class that the variable in question refers to, but will not allow you to create an instance of that class from within the Actor Properties Window.)


var editinline SomeClass SomeInstanceofSaidClass;
var editinlineuse Material SomeMaterialIllUseatSomepoint; 
As described above, editinline allows you to edit an actor within the Actor Properties Window of another actor by expanding the refence of any variable pointing to the latter actor. If the class of variable has editinlinenew in it's class definition, a "new" button will appear in the Actor Properties Window if the variable's reference is "None." Clicking said button will create an instance of the class and allow you to edit that. If subclasses of the class of the variable reference are loaded in the editor a drop-down box will be provided to let you choose which class you would like to instantiate. After the class has been instantiated you can edit it like any other editinlinenew actor. It is important to use this only for variable references, otherwise you risk crashing UnrealEd.
Similar to editinline, editinlineuse will also add a "use" button for the property. This will only work for Materials, StaticMeshes, Sounds and anything else UnrealEd has a browser for, probably with the exception of the class browser. Everything else will crash UnrealEd.
Not sure what this does. Found in class NotifyProperties:
struct native NotifyInfo
    var() FLOAT NotifyFrame;
    var() editinlinenotify AnimNotify Notify;
    var INT OldRevisionNum;


class FadeColor extends ConstantMaterial native editinlinenew;
class Texture extends BitmapMaterial safereplace native noteditinlinenew dontcollapsecategories noexport;
This tag signifies that a "new" button should be added when this class is used as a variable type with the modifier editinline. See above for details. Note that classes that are subclasses of this should not have editinlinenew set.
Editinlinenew is inherited by the subclasses of the class with editinlinenew defined. This can be overridden through the use of this modifier.

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