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The UnrealEd subsystem.

The config properties below can be set in the UnrealEd Advanced Options window.


const int NotifyVtbl
const Level Level
const model TempModel
const texture CurrentTexture
const class CurrentClass
const transbuffer Trans
const textbuffer Results
const int Pad[8]
const texture MenuUp, MenuDn
const texture CollOn, CollOff
const texture PlyrOn, PlyrOff
const texture LiteOn, LiteOff
const texture Bad, Bkgnd, BkgndHi
const bool bFastRebuild, bBootstrapping
const config int AutoSaveIndex
const int AutoSaveCount, Mode, ClickFlags
const float MovementSpeed
const package PackageContext
const vector AddLocation
const plane AddPlane
const array<Object> Tools
const class BrowseClass
const int ConstraintsVtbl
config bool GridEnabled
config bool SnapVertices
config bool AffectRegion
config bool TextureLock
config bool SelectionLock
config float SnapDistance
config vector GridSize
config bool RotGridEnabled
config rotator RotGridSize
config float FovAngleDegrees
config bool GodMode
config bool AutoSave
config byte AutosaveTimeMinutes
config string GameCommandLine
config array<string> EditPackages
config color C_WorldBox
config color C_GroundPlane
config color C_GroundHighlight
config color C_BrushWire
config color C_Pivot
config color C_Select
config color C_Current
config color C_AddWire
config color C_SubtractWire
config color C_GreyWire
config color C_BrushVertex
config color C_BrushSnap
config color C_Invalid
config color C_ActorWire
config color C_ActorHiWire
config color C_Black
config color C_White
config color C_Mask
config color C_SemiSolidWire
config color C_NonSolidWire
config color C_WireBackground
config color C_WireGridAxis
config color C_ActorArrow
config color C_ScaleBox
config color C_ScaleBoxHi
config color C_ZoneWire
config color C_Mover
config color C_OrthoBackground

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