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The elevator trigger only responds to proximity. This class disables proximity but adds tag event response.

// ElevatorTriggerPlus.
class ElevatorTriggerPlus extends Triggers;

// A special trigger devised for the ElevatorMover class, since
// detecting one trigger message is not enough to determine 2 or more
// different commands (like up/down). When an event
// triggers it, it sends a message to the ElevatorMover with the desired
// keyframe change and moving time interval.

var() int GotoKeyframe;
var() float MoveTime;
var() bool bTriggerOnceOnly;

// Called when something triggers the trigger.
function Trigger( actor Other, pawn EventInstigator )
local ElevatorMover EM;
// Call the ElevatorMover's Move function
if( Event != '' )
foreach AllActors( class 'ElevatorMover', EM, Event )
EM.MoveKeyframe( GotoKeyFrame, MoveTime );

if( bTriggerOnceOnly )
// Ignore future touches.


  1. open actor browser
  2. click on "triggers"
  3. click "class" → "new script"
    1. package: MyLevel
    2. name : ElevatorTriggerPlus
  4. put the code over the small code UT put there
  5. tools → compile changed
  6. use the trigger in your level before you save and exit or it wont save it

(there's a page that explains this you can link to: Create A Subclass)


Taken from http://forums.beyondunreal.com/showthread.php?t=88718

Credit to "The_Countess".

Tarquin: Is this for UT or UT2003?

Wormbo: AFAIK there's no class'ElevatorMover' for UT2003.

Tarquin: Doh!

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