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UT2003 :: Actor >> Emitter (Package: Engine)

Epic's particle emitter system. These can be placed in maps for a large variety of effects (waterfall, fog, smoke, sparks); they are also used by scripted elements such as the Redeemer explosion, the swirly lights over weapon bases, and the Ion Cannon explosion and beam.

Remember to set bNoDelete=False if you want to create a spawnable subclass.


Emitter Group

array<ParticleEmitter> Emitters

The Emitter → Emitters array takes objects. The property dialog expands to show their properties.

To add array objects:

  1. click the property name "Emitters". You get two [property button]?s appearing to the right.
  2. click "Add". This adds an array item, and the array expands to show it.
  3. Click the number for that new item, and expand its own plus box. You get a line below it that says: "New" – "something emitter" then a drop down button and a "New" button".

Wormbo: Ugh, this should be a Basic Procedure.

Global Group

bool AutoDestroy
If this is set to true, the emitter will destroy itself when all the particles of its emitters have died.
bool AutoReset
If this is set to true, the emitter will reset itself and all its emitters when all the particles of its emitters have died.
bool DisableFogging
Distance fog will have no effect on particles.
rangevector GlobalOffsetRange
range TimeTillResetRange
If AutoReset is true, this is the time delay range for resetting.


bool ActorForcesEnabled
box BoundingBox
bool DeleteParticleEmitters
float EmitterHeight
float EmitterRadius
vector GlobalOffset
int Initialized
ParticleMaterial ParticleMaterial
float TimeTillReset
bool UseParticleProjectors

Known Subclasses

  • BulldogDust
  • DeResPart
  • LavaDeath
  • MutantGlow (Epic Bonuspack)
  • NewIonEffect
  • PlayerSpawnEffect (actually this is the pickup respawn effect)
  • RedeemerExplosion
  • RedeemerTrail
  • Spiral (the sparkly things over xPickUpBases)

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