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EnhancedItems/INT Files

Weapon Declaration In EnhancedItems-based Mods

Item MetaClass Name Description Explanation
Weapons (Unreal) Engine.Weapon Weapon (UT) subclass "Weapon Name,Group" Registers weapons that are not a subclass of TournamentWeapon. Used by Arena Match and Advanced Weapon Priority.
Weapons (Unreal Tournament) Botpack.TournamentWeapon TournamentWeapon subclass "Weapon Name,Group" Registers weapons that are a subclass of TournamentWeapon
Weapons (EnhancedItems mods) EnhancedItems.EnhancedWeapon EnhancedWeapon subclass "Replaced Class,Weapon Name,Group" Registers weapons that are a subclass of EnhancedWeapon that should not appear in the weapon priority list. The Replaced Class specifies a weapon class to replace in the weapon priority window. Usually it should be left empty or None.
Packages (.U files) Engine.Info any Info (UT) subclass (will be ignored) "Package Name,Mod Name,Short Mod Name" Assigns a mod name and an optional short name to packages.
EIChallengeHUD player icons EIChallengeHUD.CustomHUDIcon EIChallengeHUD.CustomHUDIcon subclass "HUD (UT) subclass" Assigns a special player status icon based on EIChallengeHUD to the specified HUD class. This could be used to write special EIChallengeHUD icons for HUDs that have their own extensions to the player icon.

Sample INT File

Object=(Name=BUFPack1.Cheeselocator,Class=Class,MetaClass=EnhancedItems.EnhancedWeapon,Description="None,Cheeselocator,Weird Weapons")
Object=(Name=BUFPack1.PoopRifle,Class=Class,MetaClass=Botpack.TournamentWeapon,Description="Poop Rifle,Weird Weapons")
Object=(Name=BUFPack1.SmilieLauncher,Class=Class,MetaClass=Botpack.TournamentWeapon,Description="Smiley Launcher,Weird Weapons")
Object=(Name=BUFPack1.SheepLauncher,Class=Class,MetaClass=Botpack.TournamentWeapon,Description="Super Sheep,Weird Weapons")
Object=(Name=BUFPack1.Railgun,Class=Class,MetaClass=Botpack.TournamentWeapon,Description="Railgun,Realistic Weapons")
Object=(Name=BUFPack1.IGRailgun,Class=Class,MetaClass=Botpack.TournamentWeapon,Description="Railgun (InstaGib),Realistic Weapons")
Object=(Name=Engine.GameInfo,Class=Class,MetaClass=Engine.Info,Description="BUFPack1,BeyondUnreal Bonuspack,BUF Pack")

This INT file will create the following menu structure in Arena Match:

  • BeyondUnreal Bonuspack (Realistic Weapons)
    • Railgun
    • Railgun (InstaGib)
  • BeyondUnreal Bonuspack (Weird Weapons)
    • Cheeselocator
    • Poop Rifle
    • Smiley Launcher
    • Super Sheep

The same INT file only creates entries in the Advanced Weapon Priority for the weapons declared with MetaClass=Botpack.TournamentWeapon: Railgun, Railgun (InstaGib), Poop Rifle, Smiley Launcher and Super Sheep.

All those weapons are actually subclasses of EnhancedWeapon, but the Cheeselocator uses the priority setting of the Translocator?. (This can be set in defaultproperties of EnhancedWeapon subclasses.)

Other Uses For INT Files

Dynamically Adding Tabs To A Config Window

The "Configure Wormbo's Mods" window uses INT files to load the tabs displayed in it. This window is used by the Enhanced Items mod, Enhanced Relics, Combo InstaGib and some other mods.

The mod comes with the EIConfigWindow package (which contains the EIPageWindow class) and has an INT file entry like this:

 Object=(Name=ComboInstaGib.EIConfigPageCIGDM,Class=Class,MetaClass=EIConfigWindow.EIPageWindow,Description="Combo InstaGib,150,50")

Description consists of "Caption,Minimum Width,Minimum Height".

The same method is used for Rockets UT, the BUF Bonuspack and the upcoming version of Arena Match.

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Wormbo: Feel free to ask for more details. :)

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