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See also UT console (though we don't know if all the UT commands still work)

Gives you every weapon.
cdtrack <number>
Plays the specified CD track <number>.
Displays configuration information.
debug crash
Test crashes the game with an appError
debug eatmem
Tests memory allocation until full.
debug gpf
Test crashes the game with a GPF error
debug recurse
Test crashes the game by infinite recursion.
demoplay <demoname>[?loop|?timedemo]
Plays the specified demo (replace the '<demoname>' with the name of the demo). During playback, pressing Fire will cycle between the players in the game and a free spectator camera. Pressing Alt-fire will switch between first and 3rd person. If ?loop is added the demo will be played in an infinite loop until the demostop command is entered. If ?timedemo is added instead the demo will be played as fast as possible and the average fps is dumped to the console at the end of the demo. If a demo is recorded at a higher framerate than your computer is able to play it back, the demo will play in slow motion
demorec <demoname>
Records a demo using the name you specify (change '<demoname>' to the name you wish to use)
Display the memory cache's, GCache contents
editactor class=<classname>
During game play, edits the properties of the nearest actor belonging to that class. Cool for debugging.
editactor name=<objectname>
During game play, edits the properties of the object with a given name (such as xPawn1 – you might have to run UT2003 with the -makenames switch to tell the engine to give dynamically spawned objects unique names). Cool for debugging.
editdefault class=<class name>
Displays an editable property sheet for the class with the given <class name>
editobj <object name>
Displays an editable property sheet for the object with the given <object name>
Flushes all caches and also relights
freecamera <1|0>
Allows you to rotate the camera around the player while in third person mode (0 switches it off).
gamma <number>
Changes the gamma level to the specified <number>.
Displays your current tick rate.
Displays the maximum allowed tick rate.
Returns a string of the system language (abbreviated result, such as "DE" for German language).
kdraw foo
Draw different karma stuff, where foo is one of ...
  • collision: show collision used by karma (spheres for wheels, sphyls making up ragdolls etc) Sure you should use spheres for wheels? - Legal
  • com: show centre of mass as purple star
  • triangles: show triangles (eith normals) currently considered by karma collision
  • joints: show joints with limits
  • contacts: show karma contact position and penetration
Removes all bots.
Gives you full ammo, full armour and full adrenaline
mem stat
Displays Windows memory statistics.
musicorder <number>
Change to a certain track in the song (0=ambient, 1=action, 2=suspense).
obj classes
Displays a list of object classes.
obj garbage
Collects and purges objects no longer in use.
obj hash
Displays object hashing statistics.
obj linkers
Displays a list of active linkers
Pauses all sounds.
Removes all bots.
Opens the Advanced settings.
Quits the game.
Flushes the engine and relaunches the executable.
Copies a report of the currently played game to the clipboard.
setsensitivity <number>
Sets the mouse sensitivity to the specified <number>
show collision
displays [collision model]?s and BlockingVolumes.
Shows debug information on the HUD. See Debugging Techniques for more information.
Turns the hud on/off.
Displays a list of in use sockets.
stat <something>
Toggles statistics of <something>:
  • anim: toggles animation statistics display
  • audio: Toggles ON/OFF audio statistics.
  • default: Resets all displays to default visibility
  • fps: Toggles ON/OFF frames per second statistics.
  • game: Toggles ON/OFF game statistics.
  • hardware: Toggles ON/OFF hardware statistics.
  • histograp: toggles histograph statistics display
  • ligh: toggles dynamic light statistics display
  • matinee: toggles matinee statistics display
  • net: Toggles ON/OFF net statistics.
  • none: Switches all statistics OFF.
  • render: Displays rendering statistics.
  • reset: same as DEFAULT
  • xboxmem: toggles XBox memory statistics display
Stops the demo from recording
summon <object>
Summons an Object during a single player game. E.g.:
  • AdrenalinePickup
  • BulldogRocket
  • BulldogTire
  • HealthPack
  • MiniHealthPack
  • SuperHealthPack
  • RedeemerWarhead
  • Xeffects.TankVictim
  • Xeffects.NewIonEffect
  • Xeffects.Shark
  • XPickups.UDamagePack
  • XPickups.ShieldPack
  • XPickups.SuperShieldPack
  • XWeapons.AssaultRifle
  • XWeapons.BioGlob
  • XWeapons.BioRifle
  • XWeapons.FlakCannon
  • XWeapons.FlakChunk
  • XWeapons.FlakShell
  • XWeapons.Grenade
  • XWeapons.IonCannon
  • XWeapons.LinkGun
  • XWeapons.MiniGun
  • XWeapons.RedeemerProjectile
  • XWeapons.RocketLauncher
  • XWeapons.ShieldGun
  • XWeapons.ShockRifle
  • XWeapons.SniperRifle
  • XWeapons.SuperShockRiflePickup
  • XWeapons.TransBeacon
  • Vehicles.Bulldog
    • If you summon the bulldog, it will immediatly explode, so this is invalid
    • Bjørn: Just make sure you a ghost first, by typing the 'ghost' command.
switchlevel <level>
Switches to the specified <level>
Switches the player's team.
teamsay <text>
Displays the <text> you specify in team chat. The following commands will display information about yourself in teamsay when added to a bind:
  • %h = current health
  • %s = current armor
  • %w = current weapon
  • %a = current adrenaline
  • %l = current location
Un-pauses all sounds.

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Foxpaw: Does flush really flush ALL caches? If so, could you then use flush and save a map in UnrealEd, then load that map to see the updated changes? I understood that this could not been done normally because the maps were cached when you played them.

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