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Erik/Developer Journal

For sake of associativity: Erik

Joy, got a nifty gun class working :) wasted a good couple hours goofing off with it... fires projectiles (flak chunks) rapidly (600 rounds per minute) with a 30 round reloadable clip. So much fun to play with... Got the 2225 patch for my linux install... it was so obvious, it took me a while to find out... no hunting the patch on a website, just run the updater. Big issue is that it wigs out bad if try applying it AFTER the epic bonus pack. :/
Installed the winderz 2225 patch today, and WOOHOO, no cd check! I'm able to put the cd back in the box, the box on the shelf, and unplug my cdrom :) I was about ready to hunt down a 'no-cd' patch for it... I find it kinda suprising that MaxFallSpeed in the xPawn class has the relation it does. One would think that as that value increases, the falling velocity would go up. That is not the case, however; the velocity increases as the number goes DOWN. Imagine my suprise :) Time to code more...
Added a couple mutators to my personal page, they're lame. My modellers are itching for working code to show off their stuff, but refusing to give me placeholder art :( Pisses me off a bit, as we're adding new animations and stuff that don't exist in the ut2k3 models. Kinda difficult coding this, as I have to A) reboot to windows, B) quit dorking around, and C) quit having fun playtesting the changes :)
Here we go... I'm new to UT2003 modding, so I'm going slow and careful. The last mod I made was for quake (1), I've been doing plain C and scheme for the most part... SO! I cribbed Trystan's useful stuff from from Trystan/Developer Journal and started spawning my own game type. Today I shoved a map into place and got it to come up as the only map listed for my gametype. As soon as one of my artists gives me a weapon model, I'll look to shove that in as well. As I'm sure people far more knowledgeable than me will peruse, I might use this to ask a few... questions :)
  1. I got the model to come up by setting the prefix, then copying the ut2 map into ut2003/Maps/ with the appropriate prefix... is this a necessity, or can I put all my files (.u, .utx, maps, models, etc) in my own subdir? Possibly a single package? no?
  2. Is a GameType the best way to do a [Total Conversion]??
  3. What's the easiest way to add a new weapon and get it 'in game'?
  4. Has anyone contacted Epic Games or [Digital Extremes]? about getting a linux version of the compiler?

Vajuras: About the linux version of the compiler. Yes, someone asked Epic and basically his question went unanwsered :(

El Muerte TDS:: no, I did get a answer. And the answer was that the `ucc make` would add 15 minutes to the total compile time and that it would need some work to get ucc make independed from the editor. Or something, lemme lookup the email.

Here is what Ryan (icculus) replied:

ucc make is broken at the moment, the rest is untested, and it adds 15 minutes to the build time to include it.

It should be there in the future, but it's low priority.

Erik: I got in touch with Ryan this morning via email, he responded suprisingly quickly. It's low priority and without timetable, but on his list, as it annoys him :) Hopefully he'll happen across it soon, I so despise windows...

Spoon: Just a note, in case you didn't know. UCC.EXE works well under Wine.

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