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I'm a UNIX geek, so my approach to developing is a little different. I like to develop on [FreeBSD] and [Solaris] (occasionally [linux]) using [gvim/vim] and a shell (makefiles, sometimes automake, things like lex, yacc, scripts to generate code, etc). If you open a file and see it's one line with black boxes or something where there should be line breaks, it's because that's a UNIX style text file (\n instead of \r\n), try opening it in another editor. The Makefiles are crude and meant to run in [Cygwin]. Maybe some day I'll be able to compile mods and mutators in linux and/or bsd....

  • ERegen
  • Dongs
    • The premise is so disturbing, I feel it may be necessary to give the story of this mutators inception. During a discussion of weapons for a 'serious' mod, Nick was getting upset and said something along the lines of 'why not put purple dildos in?'... So in every following weapon related discussion, I'd quip up and say "and a dildo... it has to be purple..." Sooo, sever rolled up a model and I did a weapon mod based off of the biorifle. There're some things I'd like to be different, but it's not worth the time and effort.
    • The .u and .int files are available in tarball format at [http://math.smsu.edu/~erik/files/ut2003/Dongs-0.0.tar.gz] (also available as .zip, just change the ".tar.gz" to ".zip" in the url). Untar into your ut2003/ directory.
    • Source is available in tarball format at [http://math.smsu.edu/~erik/files/ut2003/Dongs-0.0.src.tar.gz] (also available as .zip, see above).

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