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Hmmm, went and bought UT2003 just to make mods, so here I am. I suppose eventually I'll put down ... stuff. here.

For the sake of associativity, Erik/Developer Journal is my, well, obviously my developer journal. :)

Contact info

name Erik Greenwald
email erik at smluc dot org
erik at math dot smsu dot edu
erik at opengl2 dot org
irc EFNet, join #opengl, look for ``Erik
aim ErikGreenwald
yahoo ErikGreenwald
icq 10544740
webwaste [http://math.smsu.edu/~erik/]

Codito; Ergo sum. This'll be a list (of lists (of lists (of lists))<ESC>%(darn, one off)%a) of things I've coded, thrown out for the public to run screaming from.

  • Mutators (Erik/Mutators)
    rapid regeration, a crude hack of the real regen.
    a disturbing twisted sick mut with a story equally horrifying (adult material... I'll retract linkage it up here if anyone has objections, shoot 'em to erik@smluc.org if you don't want objections made public)
  • Projects (bigger than a breadbox, smaller than the engine)
    • (pollution to follow)

EntropicLqd: First and foremostly, hello and welcome to the Wiki. Enjoy your stay here (hopefully it will be a long one). The best way to be "pseudo-useful" as you put it is to update real pages rather than keep a journal. If you find an error or something that needs to be clarified (because it's not obvious) then updating that point directly is really really helpful. Anyway - I'm rambling now. Have fun.

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