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This Old UT CD Version

Once apon a time I went to Kids R Us to see if I could find Computer Games there, and suprisingly I found UT sitting there, in it's GOTYe goodness. So I buy it...

A few weeks later, v436 comes out. I download it with my crap 56k. I install it and I'm happy.A few weeks after that, something goes wrong with UT, I uninstall and I forgot to save the patch somewhere... A day later it downloads again, I patch UT and somehow, UT managed to screw itself over again. I download the patch again and patch it, everything is fine, I saved the patch... somewhere...

I go over to my cousin's house and install UT so I can play it from there. My UT disc is still v432. I try to find a server to join and I can't because of the difference in versions. I let the patch download over night. The patch is borken for some reason! I download again and try to patch the game. The game is patched and I'm happy. UT borks up on MY computer. I download the patch again. OH! Wait a second! I have no more modem! I go back to my cousin's house and put the patch on my CD-R. Problem solved.

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