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Created by: Wormbo

The EWindow package is used by the Mod Menu Extension and the UnrealXP GUI skin. It adds some features to existing UWindow classes and also provides completely new classes.

Some of these classes have been made public already as Useful UWindow Extensions.



All classes are subclasses of UWindowBase. See /Class Hierarchy for the full class tree of all EWindow classes.

These classes add an auto-size feature to the regular checkboxes, which allowes them to align their text on the same side as the checkbox. EnhancedCheckbox can start grayed, i.e. in an unspecified state that is neither checked nor unchecked. EWindowRadiobox lets you create groups of checkboxes where only one checkbox from each group can be selected.

A drop-down combo or drop-down list which can automatically modify the size of the combobox based on the size of the caption.

UWindowWindow >> UWindowDialogControl >> UWindowListControl >> UWindowListBox? >> EWindowListBox
UWindowList >> UWindowListBoxItem >> EWindowListBoxItem

A listbox with a frame around it (similar to the mutator selection lists) and a UWindowList class for the listbox items.

UWindowWindow >> UWindowDialogControl >> UWindowListControl >> UWindowPulldownMenu >> EnhancedPulldownMenu
UWindowWindow >> UWindowDialogControl >> UWindowListControl >> UWindowPulldownMenu >> EnhancedPulldownMenu >> EnhancedRightClickMenu
UWindowList >> UWindowPulldownMenuItem >> EnhancedPulldownMenuItem

A pulldown menu class and a popup (right-click) menu class which both support submenus.

UWindowWindow >> UWindowClientWindow >> UWindowDialogClientWindow >> EnhancedDialogClientWindow

A dialog client window with a 'Close' button in the lower right corner and support for status bar help texts through its controls' HelpText property.

UWindowLookAndFeel >> EWindowLookAndFeel

A LookAndFeel (i.e. GUI skin) class that declares all the useful properties so GUI skinners don't have to re-invent the wheel for each of their GUI skins. The properties are about identical to the built-in UWindowLookAndFeel subclasses (i.e. the Ice, Gold and Metal skins). EWindowLookAndFeel can draw EWindowRadioBoxes using a different style than checkboxes, i.e. they are drawn round by default.

UWindowList >> UMenuModMenuItem >> LookAndFeelModMenuItem

Used by the Mod Menu Extension to create a special submenu which can be used to configure a GUI skin. With the regular Mod menu LookAndFeelModMenuItems will look like any other mod menu items.

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