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Extruder Brushbuilder

Tarquin's Extruder Brushbuilder can be downloaded from http://www.planetunreal.com/tarquin

I'll import the documentation at some point.

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ProjectX: Tarquin, i've seen your extruder builder and for a n00b who has no experience in pretty much anything, i found it hard to use, depite the tutorials. Would it be possible to implement the brushbuilder so it takes a sheet (possibly created in the 2D Shape Editor) and extrude it? I wouldn't know though 'cos i have absolutely no knowledge of coding whatsoever, hey, i'm just a mapper :)

Tarquin: Sadly no. The red builder brush knows what shape it is, but the BrushBuilder objects than run scripts when you click a button can't read it. :( See the BuF-Ed forum – I',m running a poll on whether the custom brushbuilders are useful any more. Does the Extruder run under UnrealEd 3?

ProjectX: I don't know because i haven't been able to run UED3.0 long enough to use it.

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