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Some of the latest cool pages on the Unreal Wiki:

Reloading Weapons
Mr Evil shares insight and source code
Offline Wiki
download the whole site as a zip.
UnrealScript Grammar
EBNF specification for UnrealScript
Creating A Terrain
has had an extensive rewrite. Shows you how to create a terrain in minutes!
a programming language written in UnrealScript
Unreal University
November 8 and 9, 2003 at the North Carolina State University. A weekend seminar given by people from Epic, nVidia, and 3DBuzz.com.

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The idea behind this page is:

  • I'd like to use BU's hosted site news more often
  • those news items link to Home Page
  • ... which is a pain to maintain

so ...

  • add pages which have recently seen good new content which you'd like to be publicized

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