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Firing InstantFire Weapons

How UT2003 Weapons Work: InstantFire Weapons.

I will try to make a path through the many calls of shooting a instant hit weapon. More specifically, a Shock Beam Rifle.

In UT2003 the Instant hit weapons are AssaultRifle?, Minigun, ShockRifle?, and the SniperRifle. An instant hit weapon is the one that have no projectiles and you cannot dodge its shots once they were fired.

Here is the continuation of the function call chain:


  • Finds out where the start of the hit trace will be;
  • Calls DoTrace;

InstantFire.DoTrace(StartTrace, R)

  • This function tells where we hit;
  • Take care of the beam reflection;
  • Applies damage
  • Call the creation of the visual effects;

ShockBeamFire.SpawnBeamEffect(Start, Dir, HitLocation, HitNormal, ReflectNum)

  • This one creates the visual effects in this line:
Beam = Spawn(BeamEffectClass,,, Start, Dir);
  • Set where is the destination of the beam with
Beam.AimAt(HitLocation, HitNormal);

ShockBeamEffect.AimAt(HitLocation, HitNormal);

  • Define where your beam is going (the mSpawnVecA vector is the hit location)
  • Create the effects in the hit location with the SpawnEffects function.


Here is where the effects are created. For the ShockRifle, these are the effect classes:

Effects spawned in the hit location:

ShockImpactFlare?, ShockImpactRing?, ShockImpactScorch?, ShockExplosionCore?

And this is the beam itself:




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