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UT: Actor >> NavigationPoint >> FlagBase

The FlagBase actor is the actor which tells UT where to place the flag for CTF or any mod that uses flags at various points in the level. When you place a FlagBase in the level it will appear as a blue flag. Don't worry, the flag will appear the right color in-game. Just set the Flagbase → Team property of the actor to the team you want. The team numbers are:

  • Red – 0
  • Blue – 1
UT2003: Actor >> NavigationPoint >> JumpDest >> JumpSpot >> GameObjective >> CTFBase >> xRealCTFBase? >> x[color]FlagBase

For UT2003, all you have to do is add the xRedFlagBase or xBlueFlagBase to the red and blue bases. The ut2003 flags will make a colored 'stand' for themselves automatically when the game is run, make sure that the bottom of the pole is exactly touching the floor of the flagroom for it to appear properly.

Omarr: I've checked this page a million times... I can never remember which color is which number.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Think of red as being the beginning of the spectrum and blue is after red. 1 is after 0, so that is how I remember it.

Tarquin: I like playing on red. So red is zero, the best number :D okay, I mean the default number. For people who can never remember (like me) there's the team number page you can link to from any page that mentions them.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Zero is easy to remember, think opposites. Zero to red (4 letters to 3 letters), One to blue (3 letters to 4 letters)

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