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This will be my developers journal, with screenies of current projects and, if I get round to releasing any, links to the downloads.



As yet undecided as to what gametype this one will be, currently its 'narrowed down' to DM, CTF, or DOM, although its symmetrical I'd love to make this a CTF map, we'll just see how it goes.


I'm doing the texturing lighting etc and adding the last few buildings outside, after adding the skybox decided I would let the players out of the carpark and into the surrounding scenery I had created, but didn't stop to think how much extra work I'd just given myself - D'OH!


There's one or two on their way in the next couple of days - promise!


This is the bit where you all pass judgement on what you see. All criticisms and offers for help accepted :)

Tarquin: BTW there's a gathering of journals at [Developer Journals]?. I can move this page to be with those if you like :)

Flashman: /Me blushes a n00b status Yeah, if you could do that for me m8. Pleas forgive all my floundering about - but i'm getting there! :)

Flashman: ...Tarq? whats the going verdict on this page? It would be kinda nice to know :)

Tarquin: Up to you. It's fine having your own subpages for your stuff, plenty of people do it, including me. It's sort of an accident that journals are of the form "Journals/User" instead of "user/Journal". Might be more logical if we did it that way. I'll ponder. In the meantime, you can link to here from the Journals page, if you like. (renaming a page updates all links to it too, so that won't create extra work later)

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