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(a little about)

Name: Ashley Lewis
D.O.B: 18/03/82 - be sure and send me a birthday card!
Ocupation: Software Engineer for a little company called EDS
Location: Shropshire, UK
Contact: magicrabbit_@hotmail.com
Games: Unreal, UT, CounterStrike Tour of Duty (see links)
Mapping: Can't get used to Quake Engine mapping now that I've dabbled so long in UT's matrix methodology. I Love creating maps, but have never released one, taught myself a lot of knowledge since I first opened up UED. Fairly skilled with Studio MAX as well, and pretty good with photoshop, but my texture efforts with UT maps have been mainly adding dirt, features or team colours/symbols on someone else's base textures. I have a comprehensive graveyard of unfinished maps with some cool ideas in them, and they get progressively less cool the older the "last modified" date is :P
Hardware Athlon 1800+ on Epox 8k5a 2+ Mobo, 512Mb DDR2100 RAM, 60Gb ATA100 RAID-0 Array, GeForceII MX 400 (64Mb), SBLive 1024 - and a cable connection.

/Projects I hope to keep this section up to date, appologies for any waywardness, I have a busy life :)


07 Nov: UT2k3!

Sorry for the lack of updates i've been off in the land of Dead motherboards! Yep I finally got UT2003, opened up UED 3 and I must admit, I'm scared. I'm posting today an appeal for anyone interested in colaboration on a couple of maps, any offers considered. I'm an able mapper and an average modeler, but my texturing needs work. If you're interested (possibly looking at turning this into a full scale mapping team eventually) then post at the bottom in the general natterings section

21 Nov: *Gasp* (Comes back up for air)

Maaan this new manner of mapping takes some getting used to, I've been playing around with MAX and exporting some meshes for the past fortnight, and I think I got it sussed now! That said I also learned something about myself that I was in complete denial about before :) ... I cant do textures. Every time I've tried to build a texture myself to go on one of my meshes it ends up looking like something puked all over it! :( I don't expect I'll have a map ready for a couple of weeks yet. I'm still looking for any bods out there willing to collaborate though... any takers?

Useful Links

More for my own reference, but if you all want to use them I won't stop you:

  • Mod Ideas/U-Replay - a little something I made earlier
  • Keep-Or-Delete - The 'Save the Weather in London page poll'!!! - Too late, Tarq had his way before the people could speak :)

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