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These are quite easy, so i dont know why no-one did them before:

The flockpawns are:

  • Bird1
  • BiterFish
  • Bloblet
  • Horsefly
  • NaliRabbit

All of these (except the rabbit and the bird) need a FlockMasterPawn? to work.

Heres how to use them all:

The Amoeba (Bloblet)

This is the most complicated flockpawn, and has only ever been used properly once (I think).

To work it, place several Bloblet actors in one area, then place the ParentBlob pawn (the controller of the bloblets) in the middle of the group. Open the propertys of all the bloblets + the parentblob and change them to the same tag, add several triggers around your map and set the event to the amoeba's tag (to keep it constantly agressive) and there you have a working amoeba!

Note: I dont know if this works online, but it does offline.

Biter Fish

These are easier than bloblets, you just simply put the FlockMasterPawn? in the level, then change the properties to control the number of fish, the fact that they are violent, and how far the fish swim from the master pawn. Horseflies work in the same way

Birds and Nali Rabbits

These are the easiest to work. Just place them in the level and watch them go! no master pawn needed

Ghost: With regards to the FlockMasterPawn Bird1, is it possible to export the Bird1 animation along with it's script sequence from Unrealed 2 (Unreal Tournament) over to Unrealed 3 (UT2003)? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated...

Wormbo: You might be able to export it with the WOTgreal exporter or with the UT Package Tool. To import it just use the exec directives of the Bird1 class.

Ghost: Woaaah.... the WOTgreal exporter is very cool. I've been trying to figure out how to get access to the unrealshare.u file in UT and this program appears to do exactly that. Thanks!

Ghost: Hmmm... The exporter worked fine but for some reason I can't seem to figure out how to successfully import the bird into UT2003. Of course I've never been a prodigy at script. Hey Wormbo, (or anyone else) any chance you could walk me through it? All I need is to get the bird into my map and have it circle while flapping it's wings. I've exported the files and I now have 4 folders: Classes, images, models and sounds. Each with the appropriate files. Now what do I do? Help!

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