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The I ;)

So I still need to put some stuff here about myself. :)
Nickname's G-LiTe, member of clan [RSU], though we've disbanded. :( Hopefully we'll still play some friendly matches and stuff.
Not gonna tell my real name, some people know (or forgot) it already, but I'm trying to sortof hide it lately. ;) (Not that I really care)
Hobby, well basically anything that's got to do with computers. Mapping is just a part of it. :) [Overload] is one of the things I've worked on. There's some other projects of which [one] has gone inactive and the [other] is progressing slowly. I'm really just watching the mailinglists lately, not doing much.


Wormbo: Concider this your official welcome to the Unreal Wiki, G-LiTe. This is your personal page. :) You can add yourself to the Project Contributors list if you want.

G-LiTe: hmmmm... juicy. So what should I do with this page? (/me digs thru his hd for his ASCII pr0n archive)

Well, I've edited two pages and created a page already so far, so yes I'm definitly gonna add myself to that list. ;)

Tarquin: Hi & welcome to the site :D

G-LiTe:: Yay! hehe, getting popular among the admins. ;)

G-LiTe:: God this page was (is?) outdated.

MythOpus: Welcome. (Sry I haven't said this sooner ;) )

G-LiTe:: I'm not all that regular around here anyways. I quit Ued soon after I joined, I became interested in Linux. :)
I'm really just doing some cleanups here and there. Not much. I usually keep track of the recent changes, see if anything interesting comes up. ;)
It'd be cool if they ported the compiler and editor to Linux... but noooooo. :/

MythOpus: LoL. Poor You... :P Port it yourself ;) Or are you still a noob to linux ;)

G-LiTe:: How am I supposed to do that? License the engine? Figure out all the library calls? I suck at GUI coding btw. ;)

MythOpus: HaHaHA :P .... So do I o_O

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