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Game Ini File

The Game Ini File or Game configuration file is an INI file with the same name as the executable file of the particular unreal engine game. For instance, UnrealTournament.ini or UT2003.ini.

This file:


Enable Interactive GUI Design Mode here (see GUIController)


Chip: If it's not already in the works, I think an explanation of the many <game>.ini sections and what info they contain/how they function would be very helpful, particularly for those new to writing their own <mymod>.ini files. Syntax notes would also be useful. Examples like that for [Core.System] on the Releasing a Mod page are very instructive.

HSDanClark: The section headings are going to be different for each game (and the content gets changed/updated with each patch), but it would be a great idea to post the current-build version of the UT2003.ini with explanations. I'll set to work on it tonight if nobody beats me to it.

Tarquin: well there are the headings from mine if that's any help. Aren't any headigns at all common to all engine versions?

HSDanClark: The major ones, like [Core.System] or [Engine.Engine] are common to all versions (as far as I know), but others such as [XGame.xBombingRun] or [XGame.DoubleDom] are specific to UT2003 or higher.

Chip: I think documentation of UT2003.ini should be enough to provide a basis for figuring out many headings/sections not explicitly described on this page. The [Package.Class] heading syntax is consistent, right? If there's similar consistency in the section entries, that'll be a good clue for reading other .ini's.

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