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UT2003 :: Actor >> Info >> ReplicationInfo >> GameReplicationInfo

Holds information about the current game which is replicated (and thus available) to network clients.

To get hold of a game's GameReplicationInfo on a network client, get it from the local PlayerController, not from Level.Game.GameReplicationInfo. (Level.Game doesn't exist on network clients.)


Globalconfig Properties

string AdminEmail
Email address of the server admin. (replicated once)
string AdminName
Name of the server admin. (replicated once)
string MOTDLine1
string MOTDLine2
string MOTDLine3
string MOTDLine4
Four lines for the Message Of The Day. (replicated once)
int ServerRegion
Region of the game server. (replicated once)

UnrealScript-Only Properties

bool bMatchHasBegun
(replicated when changed)
bool bStopCountDown
(replicated when changed)
bool bTeamGame
Assigned by GameInfo. (replicated once)
bool bTeamSymbolsUpdated
int ElapsedTime (replicated once)
Number of seconds since gameplay started. Even though this value is only replicated once, it is autonomously kept up to date client-side.
int RemainingTime (replicated once)
If a time limit is set, number of seconds to go until that time limit is hit. RemainingTime stays at zero in overtime; it doesn't go into the negative numbers. Autonomously kept up to date client-side. (Effectively the replicated value is discarded; see below for an explanation.)
int RemainingMinute (replicated)

Internally used to resynchronize RemainingTime (but not ElapsedTime) with the server. Despite its name, contains a number of seconds, not minutes. Set once per minute by the Timer event in state MatchInProgress in DeathMatch and is then replicated to all clients; there, it is copied to RemainingTime when it is received.

Warning: Unfortunately that concept doesn't work out fully. A client connecting to a server in mid-game receives both a more or less up-to-date value for RemainingTime and the last set value of RemainingMinute. Consequently, RemainingTime is directly set to the last full minute, and the replicated value of RemainingTime is discarded. The timer catches up only when RemainingTime is set server-side the next time, which means that directly after connecting it may be off by and for up to a minute. If you need higher precision, you'll have to invent a more direct time synchronization mechanism.

vector FlagPos
Replicated 2D position of one object. (replicated when changed)
EFlagState FlagState[2]
(replicated when changed, see Actor/Enums)
string GameClass
Assigned by GameInfo. (replicated once)
string GameName
Assigned by GameInfo. (replicated once)
int GoalScore
(replicated once)
string GRIPropsDisplayText[8] (private, localized)
int MatchID
(replicated when changed)
int MaxLives
(replicated once)
array<PlayerReplicationInfo> PRIArray
float SecondCount
TeamInfo Teams[2]
(replicated when changed)
Texture TeamSymbols[2]
(replicated once)
int TimeLimit
(replicated once)
Actor Winner
Set by gameinfo when game ends. (replicated when changed)


Inherited From Actor

PostNetBeginPlay ( ) [simulated]
Searches for PlayerReplicationInfos and adds them to the PRIArray. Also calls the TeamSymbolNotify function on network clients.
PostBeginPlay ( ) [simulated]
Clears the ServerName, MOTD and Admin info strings on clients to make sure the server's values are used. Also initializes SecondCount to Level.TimeSeconds and starts the Timer with an interval of one second and looping enabled.
Reset ( )
Executes the superclass's Reset function and resets Winner to None.
Timer ( ) [simulated]
Updates the game time and calls TeamSymbolNotify if the team symbols need to be updated.
UpdatePrecacheMaterials ( ) [simulated]
Precaches the team symbols.

Inherited From Info

FillPlayInfo (PlayInfo PlayInfo) [static]

Other Functions

TeamSymbolNotify ( ) [simulated]
AddPRI (PlayerReplicationInfo PRI) [simulated]
RemovePRI (PlayerReplicationInfo PRI) [simulated]]
GetPRIArray (out array<PlayerReplicationInfo> pris) [simulated]
Returns a copy of the PRIArray through the out parameter.

Known Subclasses


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