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It's a small world, but it's all mine

The Being That Is Me

I'm 17 years old and in my senior year of highschool. My real name is Matthew Park and my alias is from the Myst game and book series. I started to learn Visual Basic when I was about 12 but soon gave up since I did not have the patience. When highschool started I got into the introductory Visual Basic courses and did thoses through my junior year. Through all this I learned that Visual Basic is mostly for people involved with databases and I DON'T want to do databases. This year I am taking AP Computer Science where we are learning Java. It is a blast but I still haven't gotten use to the semicolon at the end of almost every line; I do not know much about Unreal Script but I hope this will be a good source to learn from, it looks very promising and maybe as I go through it I will be able to correct some small errors until I learn it enough to make my own article. I plan on going on to a 4-year degree in Computer Science and possibly getting a programming position for some company.

How You Doing?

If ya want to be my wiki friend just contact me somehow. I'm sure I could use the help every once and while on some uscript code I am trying to get to work.

ICQ: 162148182

AIM: Gehn6

MSN: savepotatoes@msn.com

KoC Link. PLEASE CLICK MY LINK!!! I NEED MEN!! http://www.kingsofchaos.com/recruit.php?uniqid=svsg7887

Why I Need Clicks

It was a horrible battle. I got about 8 friends to play KoC with me and they were all under me. Then someone sabatoged one of my friends weapons and now he left, joined another person, and all of my 8 friends are under him now. For some reason they declared war on me and now I have to fend for myself. If people click the link I get 50 gold per turn more. This would GREATLY help me. Thanks in advanced.


Daid303: "If ya want to be my wiki friend" that sounds pretty stupid some how.... :P anyhow, welcome :D

Corran: Hey Gehn, it's Matt here from Unreal Racing. How you doing?

Gehn: I'm good. How you doing?

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