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About Me

I'm GeniusDex, Dutch and 14 years old. I'm a very n00b at Unreal Script, but i'm surely not at mIRC scripting :)

My Unreal Wiki mIRC Scripts

My mIRC scripts for the Unreal Wiki community.

If you find any bugs you can post them at the bottom of this section, there's a bug section over there.

URL / Search script (bots)

I just finished a nice Unreal Wiki URL / Search script for bots. You can download it from http://geniusdex.endoria.net/zooi/uwiki.mrc

New version online, much cleaner search code :) Removed double error checking and such, and also rewritten !wiki for the urls.

Known Issues

None yet


I HATE bugs in my scripts. Found any? post them here :)

Guest Book

EntropicLqd: Hi, and welcome to the Wiki. I win - even though I'm not really here :)

GeniusDex: Thanx :) (When i finish a script you can see it on the IRC_Scripts page ;), but not before it's finished :))

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Hi and welcome to the wiki! :) :tup: Win what entropic? O_o

Wormbo: Everyone's a winner, baby! ;) Hi and welcome to the Wiki, GeniusDex. please add yourself to the Project Contributors list.

GeniusDex: Ok Wormbo :) Done that :P

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