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GRAF1K/Design Document

This is a design document for my map-in-progress. It is still in the planning phase, so page will continually evolve.

Time: Night

Place: Castle surrounded by magma

Conditions: Cloudy, windy, lightning

Terrain Base

The terrain base will be a 'C' shape, originally an 'O' but erroded on one side. This 'C' will rest in a pool of magma, with cracks letting light from the magma show through. Mainly solid rock covered with dirt and sulphur.


A castle that has crumbled in the middle – into magma – due to the errosion of the terrain base. Both sides remain intact, as does a bridge connecting the two sides across the magma.


More information to follow.


More information to follow.


More information to follow.


The following effects will be implemented:

  • Clouds that occlude the moon when they pass
  • Swinging wooden bridge across magma between castle ends
  • Magma
    • Spurts of lava
    • Smoke

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