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GRAF1K/Developer Journal

November 10th

As of today I started using this page like a real developer journal.

The state of my Unreal-related affairs: I have a mod – Laser War 2003 – that is not doing very well in recent netplay tests. Blood is not properly removed as it should be. Seems bHidden is never sent to the client, but bCausesBlood = false should fix that, right? For some reason it doesn't. I'm considering using CheckReplacement, but the blood classes aren't subclassed from a main Blood class as one would expect a decent the system to work. I certainly hope UT2004 will have all blood effects subclassed from a main Blood class. (I'm looking forward to the mod menu, especially.) I'm hoping I can get a custom laser tag blaster in before the close of Phase 3 of the MSUC.


November 12th

Today I've been really cleaning up some code. Instead of using stupid tricks to hide/get rid of gore-related elements, I'm actually making sure that – GASP – they're not spawned in the first place. I've got a new system for blood and gibs, and my attention now turns to pain and death sounds. They've been heedlessly playing despite my firm objection. :rolleyes: :P I was setting Volume and TransientSoundVolume to 0 in xPawn, but that for some reason fell apart after playing for a couple hours. Go figure.

What I'm considering is creating a new set of "pain" sounds that aren't actually related to pain. They would be electrical sparking sounds, as this is for a laser tag mod. Sounds kind of cool anyway. I'll have search the Wiki to find out how to implement that. Either that or figure it out and write up a page on it myself.


November 14th

Thanks to Foxpaw I have a good starting point for pain sounds. This is a new feature, not a netplay fix. I'll have some cool electric buzzes and snaps going on instead of pain sounds, and Laser War will be that much cooler. Things are looking up for this project. As time goes on I realize that I sererously need a custom laser tag marker rather than modified Shock Rifle. I guess what I need is a PSK, then I can use the Shock Rifle PSA? I don't know. Seems needlessly confusing. I think that in the future UEd will have a wizard for importing directly from a LWO or something. Nice to dream about. :-)

From the UT2004 vehicles trailer it looks rather like a war scenario. That video is probably the single most awesome thing I have ever seen. Epic serously makes up for any gripes people may have had about UT2003 lacking in content.


November 16th

Today I added a new scoring system. Instead of scoring immediatly on depower (death), the player spawns a battery that adds a score point and +25 energy (health). Blood is falling apart even worse than before. I don't know what's happening. Very discouraging.


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