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UT2003 :: GUI >> GUIComponent >> GUIMultiComponent >> GUIMenuOption

Parent class for combined components that include a caption and a widget.


string ComponentClassName
Name of the component to spawn
localized string Caption
Caption for the label
string LabelFont
Name of the Font for the label
Color LabelColor
Color for the label
bool bHeightFromComponent
Get the Height of this component from the Component (Gee, that's clear! ;) )
float CaptionWidth
How big should the Caption be
float ComponentWidth
How big should the Component be (-1 = 1-CaptionWidth)
bool bFlipped
Draw the Component to the left of the caption
eTextAlign LabelJustification
How do we justify the label
eTextAlign ComponentJustification
How do we justify the label
bool bSquare
Use the Height for the Width
bool bVerticalLayout
Layout controls vertically

Category Class (UT2003)

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