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UT2003 :: Actor >> Pickup >> TournamentPickup >> TournamentHealth >> HealthPack (Package: XPickups)

How it works

This code is from UT2003 Build 2225

// HealthPack
class HealthPack extends TournamentHealth;  // our class and its parent

#exec OBJ LOAD FILE=PickupSounds.uax // the PickupSounds.uax package contains... wait for it... sounds.
#exec OBJ LOAD FILE=E_Pickups.usx    // loading these two files is the only way we can access their contents here in our code.

    Physics=PHYS_Rotating                       // sets our big blue health cross rotating on the xPickupBase.
    RotationRate=(Yaw=24000)                    // sets the speed that it rotates at
    DrawScale=0.4                               // the model is much larger than it appears as in the game. This scales it down.
    PickupSound=sound'PickupSounds.HealthPack'  // the sound you hear when you pick it up.
    PickupForce="HealthPack"  // jdf
    DrawType=DT_StaticMesh                      // if you want to use a static mesh for the object, you have to tell the engine.
    StaticMesh=StaticMesh'E_Pickups.MidHealth'  // this is the particular static mesh we want to use.   
    CollisionRadius=32.0                        // determines how close to the object you must be to pick it up.
    HealingAmount=25                            // how much healing it does

The Health pickup line of classes aren't very big or complicated, they get most of their functionality from the TournamentPickup and Pickup classes.


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