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Package: HeroStatue
Actor >> Decoration >> HeroStatue
Actor >> Decoration >> HeroPlaque

The HeroStatue is a dynamic Decoration by ElBundee. It shows the player who leads the match — or the best player of a given team — or any player in the match — or a player on a given position in the scoreboard... You can define team skins for the statue and effects when the hero changes. Once the hero changes, the statue can play several animations — wave, taunt, ... , too.

Additionally, there's a plaque which shows the name of the hero. Mappers may build their own plaque by using scripted textures, too...

This script initially was thought for the Jailbreak modification, but it can be used for any other gametype.

Dark Pulse: Well that's pretty nifty... Imagine building a big Coliseum-type level, and having this thing in the center, waving and Thrusting as Bodies fly... heheheheheheheheheheh*burp*

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