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Tarquin: Hi there. Welcome to the Wiki :D

Highlander: Hullo, Nice lil resource u guys have got here.

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Welcome aboard! :) :tup:

AlexAC: Hello! im a bit of a newbie (ok Alot of a newb, and using ut2003) but i like the look of your grav pack

and umm, i suck and cant use it. What im doing:

copy the text from each box into a file (in the dir ut2003\GravityZoneInfo\classes) with the file name as x.uc where;

"class x extends y"

of course i added edit packages to ut2003.ini but when i run "ucc.exe make" i get the error;

"Bad class definition 'GravityZoneInfo'//796/796

Can't find file '..\GravityZoneInfo\Classes\GravityZoneInfo.uc' for import

Parsing blackhole"

is this me being stupid (yet again) or (hopefully!) something else, i have a sneaking suspusion i should be in unrealed...

About Meh

This is where I blabber on about me.

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  • Highlander/BallReturnVolume Volume that will Return the BR ball back to its base.
  • Several (3) Badly Designed :) 3rd Party maps for Unreal Fortress
    • UNF-CTF-Suicidal_Tendencies
    • UNF-CTF-Hemaroids
  • A multitude of un-finished Unreal Fortress maps dropped for various reasons :(
  • numerous maps which tend to make the UT engine react badly :P (Spherical warpzones are fun)
  • Several small map-related actors for use in above maps.
  • Such as a little pack of actors that you can use for various "gravity" related fx highlander/gravitypack In their poorly coded glory. (One of the first things i wrote in unrealscript with aphelion's help)
  • Recent Map-Bitch^H^H^H^H^H^Hper for [Unreal-Command]

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