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My Maps for UT2003


A remake of the CTF-Lerxst map from UT, I've altered the look of the level, changing it from a gothic/stone level to a metallic/starship level. The floor layout is the same, but the textures and static meshes are completely different. This is still in progress, though I actually think it's probably done. I'm going to go back to it in about 3 days to look at it with a fresh perspective and make sure all is well for release.


If you read the description of the original CTF-Pratt from my UT page, you'll read that I was trying for a nice remake of the Q3:TA map Overdose, but that I went in a different direction style-wise. Now, with more mapping experience, and an easier terrain tool, I'm going for a more faithful adaptation of the source material. The map is in it's infancy, as I put it down to do a quick job on the new Platforms map.


The map I'm currently working on. It's a remake of my DM-Platforms map from UT. With support for static meshes, the level is looking ten times better than the original :)

As each map is completed, I'll put up links for downloads.


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