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Cookie management system. Part of LibHTTP.


array<HTTPCookie> CookieData
the cookie data
int iVerbose
log verbosity



    var string name;
    var string value;
    var int expires;
    var string domain;
    var string path;


AddCookie( string cname , string value , int CurrentTimeStamp , optional int expires , optional string domain , optional string path )
Add or overwrite a new cookie
If value is empty the cookie will be deleted
If expires is in the past the cookie will be deleted
string GetCookie( string cname , string domain , string path , optional string defvalue )
Return the value of a cookie
string GetCookieString( string Domain , string Path , int CurrentTimeStamp )
Create a cookie string
Logf( coerce string message , optional int level , optional coerce string Param1 , optional coerce string Param2 )
bool ParseCookieData( string data , string rDomain , string rPath , optional int CurrentTimeStamp , optional bool bAdd , optional int TZoffset )
Parse a string to a cookie
rDomain and rPath are use to check if the cookie domain/path are valid
CurrentTimeStamp is required for adding
if bAdd is true add it to the list
returns true when the string is a valid cookie


Created( )
Clean up cookie data

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