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Base of LibHTTP this implements the main network methods for connecting to a

webserver and retreiving data from it


  • GET/POST support
  • Supports transparent redirecting
  • Basic Authentication support
  • Header management
  • Cookie management
  • Support for HTTP Proxy


the output buffer size
LibHTTP version number


bool bFollowRedirect
when set to false it won't follow redirects
bool bProcCookies
Process incoming cookies, defaults to false
bool bSendCookies
Send cookie data, defaults to true
bool bUseProxy
Use a proxy server
HTTPCookies Cookies
the cookie data instance
string CRLF
constant CR LF
HTTPState curState
The current state of the socket
string HTTPVER
The HTTP version to use, 1.0 adviced
int iLocalPort
the local port, leave zero to use a random port (adviced)
int iMaxRedir
Maximum redirections to follow
int iPort
the remote port
int iProxyPort
The proxy port
int iVerbose
log verbosity
int LastStatus
The last returned HTTP status code
array<string> RequestData
the request data
array<string> RequestHeaders
the request headers
string RequestLocation
the requested location
string RequestMethod
the request method
array<string> ReturnData
the return data
array<string> ReturnHeaders
the return headers
string sAuthPassword
the username and password to use when authentication is required
string sAuthUsername
the username and password to use when authentication is required
string sHostname
the remote host
string sProxyHost
The hostname of the proxy
int TZoffset
Timezone Offset, dynamically calculated from the server's time





OnComplete( )
will be called when the operation was complete
OnError( string ErrorMessage , optional string Param1 , optional string Param2 )
will be called in case of an internal error
bool OnResolved( )
will be called when the host name is resolved
return true to continue, or false to abort
OnReturnCode( int ReturnCode , string ReturnMessage , string HttpVer )
will be called when the return code has been received;


bool Abort( )
Abort the current request, if possible
AddHeader( string hname , string value , optional bool bNoReplace )
Add a header, case insensitive
set bNoReplace to false to not overwrite the old header
int DataSize( array<string> data )
string genBasicAuthorization( string Username , string Password )
Generated a basic authentication
string GetRequestHeader( string hname , optional string def )
Returns the value of the requested header, or default if not found
string GetReturnHeader( string hname , optional string def )
Returns the value of the returned header, or default if not found
bool HttpRequest( string location , optional string Method , optional HTTPCookies CookieData )
Start the HTTP request
location can be a fully qualified url, or just the location on the configured server
Method defaults to GET
bool IsSupportedMethod( )
Returns true when the request method is supported
Logf( coerce string message , optional int level , optional coerce string Param1 , optional coerce string Param2 )
int now( )
Returns the current timestamp
ParseRequestUrl( string location , string Method )
Parses the fully qualified URL
ProcInput( string inline )
Process the input
bool RemoveHeader( string hname )
Remove a header, case insensitive
Returns true when the header is deleted
SendData( string data , optional bool bFlush )
Send data buffered
if bFlush it will flush all remaining data (should be used for the last call)
string UserAgent( )
Returns the useragent string we use


Closed( )
Opened( )
ReceivedText( string Line )
Resolved( IpAddr Addr )
hostname has been resolved
ResolveFailed( )

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