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The Hunted 2003

Before I get started I would like to re-emphasize that I am a beginner. I have taken an Intro to C++ class which helps me to understand the foundation of UnrealScript, but the best way to learn UnrealScript is to dig thru it. There may (and probably will) be better ways of doing some of what I am doing. UnrealScript Gurus feel free to add comments. I do not know much about replication, server client code, netcode, etc so what I am doing will only work on your end. I have never programmed a gametype so I wont get into that too much either. We will deal mostly with big graphical changes, menus, HUDs, player skins, big changes that you can see and hear etc. I am still learning and may finish this mod later. Enough about me...

I would also like to mention that some of this code is based heavily on the work or tutorials of others and is not my own. In such cases I will try to reference the original author. Upon request from the original author I will take it down. I don't know the legality behind UnrealScript source code, especially when presented as tutorials, but as far as my own code goes: share the wealth!

Along these lines I would like to say that everybody knows that copying and pasting code is alot easier than typing it line for line, however you should study it, especially the comments, and understand how it works. I admit that some of this code is beyond my full understanding but I am learning more about it everyday I work with it. One final note: I recommend using WOTGreal as your compiler. The debugger has actually taught me more about the rules of UnrealScript than any other source. "Let the Cartoons Begin!"

Lesson 1 : The Custom GameType

First of all we are going to make our custom gametype. We will go ahead and start off with a custom controller and a custom pawn. I will change the camera view behind pawn, just so we know that our custom game type is in effect when we load it up

Hunted Lesson 1

To Do List

1. Search existing tutorials so I don't repeat already posted steps

2. Look at this link closely and redo Lesson 1 Guidelines on Tutorials

Tarquin: You could also look at whether this is going to fit into UnrealScript Lessons

Archnemesis: Yeah, I was thinking of linking to it under Making a class based mod, since this is essentially what I am doing.


GRAF1K: Posting code is fine. My bad.

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