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I'm a mapper (not very good at it, but thats beside the point), part of Clan Destiny , and the Mapper of The Fraghouse Mod Team

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Website of the moment

[The Fraghouse Mod Team]

Coments about me

Tarquin: aha! so it wasn't EntropicLqd! Welcome to the wiki, Icedude.

Not guilty your honor. Welcome to the Wiki m8, I bet I'm worse at mapping than you :) - EntropicLqd

Have fun here. :) —[BlAcK PlAgUe22]?

Mychaeel: Welcome. – Please only click "This is a minor edit" if you made a minor edit (e.g. fixed a typo, corrected a link, or something like that). Don't use it if you add something of your own to a page.

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