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Ike Bart/Fake Albums

Ike Bart's Fake Albums

This is the page for my fake album tracklistings. This has nothing to do with Unreal Tournament. It's just another personal thing. Some of these songs even have lyrics partially written for them.

As Fake As It Gets

  1. Hardcore Booty
  2. Sheezo Kyoot (She's So Cute)
  3. War on Clearchannel
  4. Sellout
  5. Dudes and Chicks
  6. Reckless Abandon (Blink 182 Cover)
  7. All I Know for Sure about George W. Bush Is that He Hates Saddam's Guts
  8. End of the Tunnel
  9. How Soon is Now? (The Smiths Cover)
  10. L33t W4rr10rz (Elite Warriors)
  11. Glowstick Rave Party
  12. I (short skit)
  13. Hell's DJ
  14. Flying Pigs
  15. Invisible
  16. The Album's Last Song
  17. Hidden track: The Corniest Love Song Ike Could Write

The Sacred Gift of Life/Tribute to Breakdancing

  1. Mystic
  2. End of the Tunnel
  3. Symphony of the Spheres
  4. Cold Hard Truth
  5. Pick Me Up
  6. Astral Portal
  7. Technopunk
  8. Vortex to the Darkside
  9. Tree Spirits
  10. Backyard S.E.T.I. Station
  11. Gamma Ray (not intended to be a tribute to the band with the same name)
  12. Elixir of Immortality
  13. Shockwave Pulsar
  14. Uranium 235
  15. Breakdancing the Night Away
  16. El Nacimiento (The Birth)
  17. If I Were President of the USA
  18. Ouija
  19. Vineyard
  20. Imprisioned in Poverty

Single: End of the Tunnel

  1. End of the Tunnel (Album Mix)
  2. End of the Tunnel (Ghost Train Remix)
  3. Old-School Radical
  4. 21st Century Celebrity
  5. End of the Tunnel (Bullet Train Remix)

Single: If I Were President of the USA

  1. If I Were President of the USA (Album Mix)
  2. If I Were President of the USA (Democrats vs Republicans Remix f. Mark Hoppus)
  3. If I Were President of the USA (Supreme Court Remix f. Good Charlotte)
  4. Virtual Real Estate
  5. Ackerman Monster

Miscellaneous B-Sides

  • Goa Nightclub
  • Spinach Salad
  • Contrails at Dusk
  • Castles in Ultima Online (became Virtual Real Estate)
  • To the Core of Creation
  • Ultrasonic Acid Frequencies (instrumental)


Mosquito: WHAT?!

Ike Bart: Some of these fake albums were made for a game on the Absolute TRL forums called "Fantasy Billboard." Basically, every player in that game creates their own albums and sees how well they do on the make believe billboard. There is also a show for singles with videos. The way albums are sold in this game is by being voted for on an online site.

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