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Import The Texture

This is a Basic Procedure tutorial page. It explains how to perform a single procedure which is required in many different contexts.

Texture requirements

The texture file you are trying to import must satisfy certain requirements. These are:

UT2003 and newer

  • A power-of-two number of pixels across (64x128, 256x256, ...) up to 1024x1024.
  • saved in .pcx, .bmp, targa, DXT or UPaint file format
  • 8-bit indexed color (256 color indexed) for BMP or PCX; 24 bit or 32 bit TGA or DDS


  • A power-of-two number of pixels across (64x128, 256x256, ...) up to 1024x1024.
  • Using 8-bit color (256 color indexed)
  • Saved in .pcx or .bmp format

please check I got this right


In the Texture Browser, do Texture Browser Menu → File → Import. Find the directory containg your image file, then select it and click Open. A window will appear asking for specifics on how to import the file:


Import texture window

You'll need to supply the following details:


you can't edit this, it just tells you the file currently being processed. (I'm guessing this is useful when you import a batch of files)
the name of the package to import the texture into. If you give...
  • the name of an existing file, the texture will be added to that package. But Do Not Alter Default Packages!
  • the name "MyLevel", the texture will be embedded in the current map. See MyLevel for more on this.
  • something else, a new package will be created. You'll need to save it.
textures can be organized into groups within a package (eg "Walls", "Floors"). This is just for convenience. Type the name of an existing group, or a new one.
just in case you want to change the name of the texture, you can do so with this option.


sets the texture to be masked (how?). see Color Blending.
Generate MipMaps
As far as I can tell this allows for the use of textures larger than 256, I am probably wrong. If I uncheck it for 256 tex they import fine and if I don't for larger they import fine, sorry that I am not of more help in this area.
Detail Hack?

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